“We have no king but Ceasar!” they  all shouted. I stood and watched as they slapped, spat and mocked Him. They are going to kill Him I know it. He tried to warn me and I didn’t believe Him. He’s everything to me. “Please let Him go!” I screamed, no one heard me over their […]

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Lover Boy by Anonymous

This is a guest post from an anonymous writer titled Lover Boy. I really really thought she was the one; I thought I loved her. It seemed like she was perfect for me, but for one reason or another it just didn’t work out. Maybe I’m just too hopeful, after all I thought the girl […]

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Mind VS. Heart

This past Holy Week, during Covenant Thursday, I heard a verse that both touched my heart and made my mind rewire itself. As Judas was betraying our Savior, Jesus sat in the Garden of Gethsemane and he was praying. Like really really praying. Praying for his tribulation to be taken away from him but also […]

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O U T – C A S T E D

His Name is Stephen He is the class weirdo We all actually play a game of who can talk to him the least. When we are at recess no one picks him to come play with us. But we sometimes find rocks in the field and throw them at him. I actually don’t think he […]

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From afar it doesn’t look too deep I know I can do it, I tell myself. I have worked so hard for this I have to be able to do it Everyone is counting on me They will hate me if I… FAIL. Here I go, 1 2 3 Splash* I dove right in I […]

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